Passed! Feb 11/19 - First Attempt!

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Hi All,

I've also posted this in reddit, so will post the same here to help along the community that's been helping me along the way as well :) Questions are welcome!!

Hi All

As I’ve been following this thread closely for tips and tricks, I also want to contribute back to help out whoever else I can :)

This morning I passed the CCSP on my first attempt. The resources I used: Sybex official study guide Official CCSP CBK CCSP AIO Official practice tests Daniel carters CCSP practice exams CSA v4

I was worried I would find the exam difficult due to wording or due to so many technical details regarding APIs where others have stated you need to be a developer to pass the exam - this was NOT the case.

I found the exam extremely fair, and all of the material was from the study guides. I WILL say this exam was not a simple straight foreword definition based exam. It DID require thinking, and did link multiple concepts together in a question. If you think you can memorize the definition of RTO and be able to answer any question about it then you are likely setting yourself up for failure. You should be able to understand what RTO is, why it’s important, what the consequence is if it’s exceeded, what role it plays in BCD/DR, etc.

The exam was tricky in its wording. One slight word can make a difference. Study guides are also on point of selecting BEST answers. You may be presented with 4 right answers, but which approach is the best. Be familiar with each domain. The study guide from Ben Maslow was stated perfectly - the questions were made to get you to pay attention to the different aspects of the question.

Study wise I started with CBK which seemed like quite some information to read through and layout overlapped quite a bit between domains. Then used the sybex official study guide to fill in gaps. Then used the AIO to fill in even more gaps but moreso to “test” my knowledge. Did all the questions in all the books after I read everything. Once I finished all the questions, I made sure to review all the wrong answers and UNDERSTAND why it was wrong and why the right answer was right - more often than not it wasn’t because I didn’t know the answer but because I didn’t read the question properly.

I went back and read the CBK (all pages) again the night before the exam. READ THE GLOSSARY! It’s a great way to review the concepts. As others have cautioned - be sure to know your APIs! Know characteristics of REST vs SOAP - CBK has a great table that outlines this.

Anyhow pizza has been delivered, so I will cut off my review here. Let me know of any questions :) would like to address whatever questions I can to help anyone I can.



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