CGEIT here we come!!

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Already read the official study guide a couple times but I will not start the QA&E manual until I transpose it into a test engine (no, I will not share this!!). Why doesn't ISACA have this online like the other certs? They should at least put the answers at the back of each section instead of directly after each question.

Test will be at the end of next month but I will also be knocking out a couple more certs before then.
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    Goodluck on the journey to CGEIT kaiju! I'm just wondering where are you in your career right now and where do you want to go since you have considered that cert?
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    I am setting the foundation to move to next level in my career.

    I seriously do not enjoy reading the QA&E manual. These questions have to be some the worst cases of run-on sentences and/or poorly worded sentences that I have ever encountered since I was born!! I have to force myself to not correct the issues while I am transposing the questions from the book to a test engine format. I can see why so many people have issues with passing CGEIT. Fortunately, I do not think I will have a problem with the test because of my exposure to ITIL, CISM, CISSP and real world experience. After I am satisfied with my QA&E knowledge retention (constant 95%~ on the test engine), I will move on to studying COBIT material that is related to CGEIT before taking the test at the end of next month.
    Work smarter NOT harder! Semper Gumby!
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