What's the story on this cert?

i'm looking into a cert to get and I want something in the security arena. I was planning on doing CISSP, but I don't really think that's the best thing for me considering my situation.

I do want to learn more about security and get more involved in it at my job and also something that will carry some marketability with it, although I don't plan on leaving my current job anytime soon. We use checkpoint here, but i'm with a relatively small gov't agency so most of what we have in place requires very little day to day maintenance or tweaking.


  • sleemiesleemie Member Posts: 109
    mmmh, all these people on here and no one knows about his cert...interesting...
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    If you're looking for a marketable certification, CISSP is numero uno. If you meet the requirements, go for it. icon_cool.gif
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    sleemie wrote:
    mmmh, all these people on here and no one knows about his cert...interesting...
    icon_rolleyes.gif Just because people don't reply doesn't mean they don't know. The following was posted a day before you posted, and basically answers your question:

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    Why not just go to CheckPoint's website and get some info on your own? Sometimes I am baffled by how many posts there are about asking questions that could be answered by the Vendor's FAQ or just digging around on their website.

    Once you have the info, then it is best to ask questions that you need some clarification on.
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    because reading something on their website won't tell me how respected this cert is in the industry or offer an unbiased opinion on whether or not this is a well repected certification or if it's something worthwhile to pursue given my position that I described in my post...and I guess that's not something I can get from this site either...
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