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As my name suggest, my name is Shaun and I am looking to improve my odds in the IT Field. I graduated with an Associate's in Applied Computer Science with a couple years IT work as a Help Desk Specialist under my belt. Unfortunately, all of previous employment have been contract based which has landed me to anything definite as of yet. I feel that if I can achieve CompTIA's big three (A+ Net+, Sec+) that it will definitely make me more marketable and wanted.

I've taken my A+ 901 exam twice to no avail. I am working on  passing my 900 series before it expires this summer. I decided to join a forum to discover advice from others who have been successful in passing their exams.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    May you enjoy your time here!
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    Welcome to the boards!
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    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your stay. Hope this place can guide  you were you want to go. It definitely has for most of us here.
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    Welcome! I am a new too.
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    Welcome Shaun! This is the perfect place to be. Sounds like with you have a slingshot start into IT. There is nothing wrong with contracting. Sure, traditionally, they won't be as reliable. Going after relevant IT skills will be your best hedge for being marketable. Those certifications are a great choice for next steps. Best of luck in your path!
    CCNA, Security+ and other certifications that haven't been worth mentioning
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    Welcome to the forums! Stick around and enjoy yourself :)
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