If I dont pass the 901/902 by the time it expires, will I have to start from scratch with 1001/1002?

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Or will a decent amount of the info from studying for the 901/902 carry over? As I have no prior experience with IT and I started studying for the current version a month ago, I'm worried about not passing and having to start over.


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    I think it's pretty ridiculous, but with A+ you have to pass both exams of the same series.

    If I complete 801, do I have to complete 802 or can I take 902 instead?

    You must take (and pass) exams from the same series, i.e., either 801 and 802 OR 901 and 902. We do not support or recognize mixing and matching between different series.

    Of course that shows 800 and 900 series, but it's still the same policy.  The last day to take either 900 series exam is July 31 of this year.

    If you're starting brand new, I would recommend working on the 1000 series.

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