hacking a Galaxy?

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So quick backstory...my mother has a Galaxy (not sure which model but pretty new). Yesterday her phone got a weird tone and a name from her contacts list popped up but there was no activity. Just this persons name with a weird tone. Today she asked that person if they hacked her phone. The person would not look at her and wouldn't confirm or deny it. She asked a few times and he never answered her. This person then went upstairs and as my mother was leaving her phone rang and this persons name came up on her phone. She answered and nobody was on there. She went back in and yelled to him and asked if he called her. He said he didn't and that his phone was acting up.
She asked me about it tonight and I told her I'm not that familiar with hacking phones but was sure it was likely possible. She said he never had access to her phone and she hadn't seen him or been around him for close to a year.

More of the story so it makes sense...this guy is my cousins boyfriend and he is a police officer but has been violent with her recently. My mother told her to call the police and turn him in. She thinks maybe he is trying to read their texts to each other. My step-son is a detective and she called him after this happened. He said from a law enforcement perspective he isn't aware of anything that can be done remotely, meaning he would have had to have access to her phone, which he didn't.
I told her to take her phone to my step-son Monday and let him **** it to see what he might be able to find.

Any insight? Feel free to PM if you don't want to post it publicly.
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