Passed CISSP -- 3rd Attempt!

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Well folks, I finally got it done!

Unlike others who made at the 100th question, I had to answer all 150 questions. When I took the exam on my 2nd attempt, I kind of lost hope after the questions went passed 100, and I believe I did not go that far before the exams stopped after that. I panicked after it went passed 100. I decided not to panic again should in case it happens again. And guess what, this time around, I stayed focused after it went passed 100. I had a feeling I will make it if I stay focus. Do not ever lose hope if it goes pass 100.

Materials Used:

1). Official (ISC)2 Guide To The CISSP CBK 4th Edition -: My advice to you is to stick with this guide!

2). Cert Guide CISSP 3rd Edition by Robin Abernathy & Troy McMillan-: Excellent book that helped me to understand most of the concepts.

3). All-In-One CISSP 8th Edition by Shon Harris & Fernando Maymi -: Used this as a reference this time around since I had read the 6th Edition cover to cover before.

4). CISSP Practice Exams 5th Edition by Shon Harris & Jonathan Ham -: Went through this guide cover to cover one time. If you get you hands on this guide, my advice to you will be to go over it twice. I know why I am saying this...…:) The explanations in this guide helped me a lot.

5). Sybex CISSP Guide 7th Edition : I used it as a reference guide this time around. I felt like it didn't help me out when I first took the test.

6). Boson Practice test -: It's okay the way I see it. The format kind of looks like the actual tests but I feel like the explanations did not help out the way I was expecting it.

In addition to the info above, I read plenty of articles related to CISSP domains I found on InfoSec sites. They are great! One thing I would like to mention is that I used the CISSP blue print guide and googled each of the sub topics under each domain to see what the InfoSec gurus have written about them. Watch out for the blogs written by the InfoSec gurus on each of the CISSP 8 Domains. I learned a lot from them.

My last tips to you:

1. Do not go in to take this test to fix problems. Do NOT!

2. Research and advice based on risk. Security professionals should view their role as risk advisors to the organization, as they should not be the final decision makers when it comes to risk management.

3. Always follow the process in this test.

If I had known much of these tips when I first took it, I would have probably passed on my first attempt.

I hope the info above will help someone in here to also make it when the time comes for him/her to take this test.

Good luck folks!


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