MCP no longer obtainable from single exam

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Just FYI from Microsoft:

Please note that there was changes made on the MCP learning account.

Anyone who creates an account will have access to their dashboard. However, taking one exam will no longer automatically award MCP status to candidates. Candidates will not enter the Microsoft Certified Professional Program until they earn a technical or role-based certification so will have limited features available to them. Please note that this was implemented for all role-based exams and certifications at when they launched. For MCP-type exams that are currently in market, this change will be reflected as of February 1, 2019. After that time, MCP certification will no longer be awarded to any candidate who takes a single MCP-type exam after. Any/all previously earned MCP certifications will be retained.

I cannot post a link but its on the Microsoft MCP forum.


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    They have been doing this for a while. The server 2012 MCSA exams alone were not certificates but the three of them combined are a certificate.
  • NoctilumNoctilum Posts: 16Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Really?  I received MCP after passing a single exam last March.  I then earned MCSA after passing the second.
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    Microsoft certs are quickly becoming a convoluted mess. I yearn for the MCSE 4.0 days. Back when the cert process was clear, the paths were minimal, and the benefits were many. I guess I'm just getting old.

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