Getting Ready to take my 901 and 902 exams, looking for prep ideas.

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I bought some material from a company called CareerStep last April and ive just finished reading it all and taking notes, and now im shifting over to looking at test/practice exams and any additional material I can use. Reading this forum im seeing suggestions for Professer Messer, Crucial Exams and ExamCompass, any other  places I can use? I am also thinking about purchasing Comptia's CertMaster and Study Guides for the 901 and 902 as I feel it would be "closer" to the heart of it all. I feel like multiple sources would give me the best approach to the material. Just kinda sucks that I have till July to pass it before starting over again  -_-.


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    Look into Quizlet flashcards. There are many good ones already posted on the site. A+ is one of those exams where you just have to memorize some things like port numbers etc
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    I have a few tips that might help:

    1) Exam Cram book for A+
    When I did the A+ I used the Exam cram book.  There is a tear off sheet in the exam cram book with all the essential exam info.

    2) Get an old PC from a friend, ebay, computer repair shop, or maybe find a freind that has one laying around and tear it part and fix it.  Have other people remove a part, and then you have to figure out why it won't boot. 

    3) Go through all exam objectives and make sure you understand them.

    4) Buy the measure up exam practice test.    Take the test and see where you place.  Make flash cards for the questions you are missing.   I wouldn't take the test until you can pass all the questions with 80%  I think there is 130 questions.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I've been repairing and building computers off and on as a hobby for about 10 years after high school, I have have an idea of  how to put things together and how they work with each other, basic troubleshooting methods/techniques/solutions and repairing friends and family computers with viruses,backups, OS installs, upgrades and other things.
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