Feel like im at a stand still...

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Hi All,

I feel like my career has hit a brick wall and for the first time I legitimately don't know what to do. Been in IT for 7 years mainly doing desktop support, current role is associate system admin and been doing it for a couple months but, i am not happy or motivated to come to work, I know it's not what I want to do and I am not a huge fan of management around here, there seems to be a lack of leadership.

As far as certs go i have my CCNA:RS but i don't know where to go from here. I do enjoy networking but all the networking i have done is only in a lab/simulation i don't have any real world production networking experience and the current place i'm at won't give me the ability (i've asked already). and i feel this is holding me back.

I've been contemplating what certs to go after next and I have no idea. One day i tell my self CCNP:RS lets do it! then the next few days i'm thinking maybe more security/Firewall technologies (this is an area that I do lack in) so maybe some Palo Alto certs will help and I have this back and forth in my mind and it's stressing me out! Network engineering is defiantly a goal of mine but I am also open to the security realm as it's becoming more popular/in-demand, but i Just don't know how to start.

Anyway, thanks for the time and i apologize if it sounds like i'm ranting/complaining. I just have no direction at the moment.

Thank you!!


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    First of all, stop being stressed out.  Breathe!  Do you exercise? If you don't, start.  That will clear your mind.

    What are you interested in?  Have you searched for jobs in regard to what you want to do and send out resumes?

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    @scaredoftests Thank you for replying! yeah maybe i just need to relax a bit. I am interested in networking, I enjoy working on routing/switching as it has been one of my favorite technologies that i've learned so far. so i'm not sure if CCNP is the true route for me, I've been skeptical because I don't want to be a "paper" cert guy, i really want real world experience. Also a lot of network engineer jobs i'm seeing require VPN and Firewall experience as well.

    and yes have been looking for these type of roles, but they are asking for 5+ years of networking experience which i don't have.
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    Sounds like you in a bad spot. You have IT experience, apply for some entry level networking gigs. 
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    I like the suggestion @MontagueVandervort made.  Ultimately, I think you should just pick somwthing and start studying it.  Ultimately, you’ll learn something and be more knowledgeable, than you were before.  If you end going a different route, then you don’t really lose anything because you broadened your knowledge.  Ultimately, vacillating between two different certs is just going to waste time and ger you nowhere.
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    Hi All,

    Actually have an update...I have taken a Network Operations Specialist job and will now be doing what I love, working on networks. Coming from the Sys admin side, everything I will be doing at the new gig will be 100% new to me and I am looking forward to learning networking to work my way up to my goal as a network engineer. Thank you for everyone's advice and input I really apprecaite it!!

    Thank you!!
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    Best of luck to you!
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    Hey, that's great news!! When do you start?
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