O365 - E3 Vs E5 License

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I'm trying to fine a more detailed comparison of E3 and E5 license. I have taken the below from Microsoft's website, but was hoping for an expanded list of controls that are available For example I want to know what Data Governance 1 gives you on an E3 license vs what it gives you on an E5 license. If you click on the urls for more information then for me its not clear. Does anyone know if there is more detailed breakdown in a list, so its easy to compare?

Feature Office 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E5 Access to the Security & Compliance Center Yes Yes Office 365 Cloud App Security No Yes Threat management such as mail filtering and anti-malware Yes Yes Advanced threat management such as customer lockbox and threat explorer for phishing campaigns 6 No Yes Mobile device management Yes Yes Data loss prevention Yes Yes Data governance1 Yes Yes Advanced data governance2 No Yes



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    The major difference of the 2 is that the E5 license has a downloadable MS Office Suite(The updated version of the MS Office) and aside from that the E3 has the same capability of E5.
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