CIPP/E -Passed

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Passed CIPP/E with 364 yesterday.

Treat this certification seriously, it is the hardest exam, out of the 30-odd
certifications I've taken.

Official IAAP Textbook (E. Ustaran)
Sample Questions - good for the mindset, but nowhere a reflection of exam difficulty
European Privacy Law Practice Exam (Jasper Jacobs) - 90 sample questions- good for the mindset,but nowhere a reflection of exam difficulty
Official IAPP Coursebook (Managed to source a couple of these)
WP29 Notes
Browsed IAPP notices

I used the Course book & official textbook to make notes to align to each section of the IAPP Blueprint for
the exam, this way I was confident that I had covered everything, but from past experience, this will not be enough,
you should also be aware of the WP29 notices and general data protection news and current affairs.
Don't skimp on the EU institutions or Legistative Framework.

Memorising, will not be enough, you will need to know how to apply the GDPR to scenarios. ;)

Even though I really prepared seriously this time, still there were 2-3 questions
that I had not come across.

If you are embarking on this journey and want study materials at a great price, PM me,
Ive got a new and unused IAPP Official Textbook (E. Ustaran) & Official IAPP Coursebook (Participant Guide)
together for a great price.

Good Luck!!! B)


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