Any recent CRISC takers?

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Hi guys- i'm CISA certified and planning on taking the CRISC next in the interim between leaving Big4 and starting an IT Operational Risk role in banking. So far, i've read the CRISC manual and completed a number of the questions from the Q&A. Seems to be much more straightforward and a lot less material than for CISA, so just wondering what people's thoughts are? Getting the majority of the questions right too- especially when I look back at the practice questions for Domain's 4 & 5 of CISA that really kicked my a&s. 

Looking back to 2016 on here, people reckoned this was the hardest out of the classic ISACA 4 certs, but then i've spoken to people at work who seem to reckon it's easier than CISA.

Just wondering what your thoughts are on CRISC to anyone who's sat it within the last year or so.
Seem to be getting lulled into a false sense of security with this one, or am I not.



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    Following since I may take this later this year.
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    I think it was easier than CISA. By studying the Q&A database I was able to pass it. I got confused one day before the exam, when I found a questions & answers **** online, containing 393 questions. Based on reviews it looked like that 150 questions from the **** would be presented in the actual exam. Turned out, on the exam day itself, that the questions were totally different. 
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    I can't speak to the CISA comparison but passed the CRISC about 3 months ago, I found the exam a grind and slightly more difficult than I expected though I passed by a wide margin.  In my CISSP and CISM exams I was able to go on runs of momentum where I didn't have to exhaustively critique each and every word of every question (had a good idea of the answer after the first read through the question) but found I had to do just that on this exam.  It was very rare for me to have a run of questions I felt extremely confident on, and don't recall any real "gimmie" questions.

    The Q&A database is fine as long as you are learning the concepts and knowing why the correct answer is the best answer and the other 3 are not as the exam questions were nothing like the Q&A questions in my experience and you'll of course have to eliminate at least 1 other right answer that isn't the BEST answer given the scenario.

    Hope this helps, I'm sure you'll do great.
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    I took CRISC after CISA and remember finding the exam a bit more confusing than CISA overall, but passed first try with the official manual and QAE database. 

    The ISACA CRISC manual is actually a pretty good read and I'd recommend picking it up. 
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    Cool- thanks guys. Great help as always!

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