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I just received my Security+ today. I am wanting to pursue a career in cyber security and do not want to waste anymore time. I have worked as an IT analyst for the past 5 years and now I want to go into security.

I have help desk tier 2 experience but nothing on an admin level. I am planning to study for my CCNA R/S now. I will also get my B.S. in Networking and Cybersecurity next year.

What certs after CCNA should I pursue and which jobs should I aim for? I was thinking a jr sys admin, then a sys admin, then a jr security analyst, and then hopefully something more advanced in cyber a year after I get my degree. 

I was looking at the CEH but to me it doesn't make sense to get it when I don't have any networking certs except Net+ but that is an entry level cert. I was thinking of doing CEH after I get my degree or when I am about to complete it. 

What cert should I get after CCNA if I want to pursue cyber that will help me get an entry level cyber security position? I have heard from many people and on forums that Sec+ does not necessarily help one get a cyber security job, even an entry level one.

My plan is: CCNA R/S, CYSA, CEH

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