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I was approached by Microsoft about a job in incident response.  Some parts of the job description I am very weak in, particularly cloud stuff and actually to be fair, Microsoft Servers!  Not sure I have much of a chance but I feel I still have a lot to offer if given a bit of time to learn.  

Anyway, they asked me to formally apply and also complete a 2-3 page form they sent me.  The form asks basic stuff like name, age, salary, the salary I expect, etc....

One of the questions is about experience and it says: 

Experience with Security & Cloud technologies

Very loose wording and not entirely sure what that means.  Can anyone give me some ideas of what I could consider here?

Security - I have put general stuff about my knowledge of concepts like access control, encryption, group policy, auditing of logs, etc...   Anything else?  

Cloud Technologies - honestly, I don't think I have any experience here.  I have been up front about that.  I know about the existence of Microsoft Azure, Office 365, OneDrive, things like AWS.  

Can you give me any other ideas for this as I'm having a bit of a mind blank and don't want to undersell myself.


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    its kinda general but vmware, hyper-v, ceph, kvm 
    backing up and restoring images. Migrating instances to different host. Setting up clusters
    Provisioning different instances dns load balancers firewalls wordpress 
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