Network+ compared to Microsoft Networking 98-366

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I had some spare time this winter and decided to see what I can do regarding some certifications.  I did Microsoft Networking (98-366) after 2 weeks of studying/review/etc.  I then looked at the syllabus for Network+ and they seem to be quite similar.  (I see that the Professor Messer videos are only 12 hours long in total.)

Does anyone know how similar 98-366 and Network+ are?  Do you think I could study for Network+ and write it at the end of March?  (My schedule picks up a bit in April.)



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    So hold on, you've already passed a Microsoft Networking exam, after 2 weeks of studying? What prior networking experience did you have? 

    If you know your networking, why not go for your CCNA?

    Sorry I don't have an actual answer for you but I am curious about your situation.
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    JugglingRefereeJugglingReferee Member Posts: 49 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I've set up a number of Wifi networks, but no practical corporate experience.  I was in IT for 15 years though - first as a junior (very junior) software developer and then hardware QA/system integration.  I left all that to flip houses.  Now, I'm looking to get back into IT with a place (government?!) that has a retirement package.

    I haven't looked at the CCNA, but I heard it's difficult.  I have gotten the idea that Net+ is not as difficult.  I can afford the exams no problem, so I thought I wouldn't "go too fast" given that I'm vastly out of date.

    I also recently passed Security Fundamentals.  Like I said, I just want to get my feet wet again doing this tech stuff.  Some days I really feel like the whole field has passed me by.
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    Do a search on youtube for "NetworkChuck network+ or CCNA". He does a nice job of breaking them both down for someone that might not know which path to go down.
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