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I am studying for ICND2 and have a question about vlans.

It's more of a curiosity and less of exam prep, but was wondering....

On packet tracer I set up a few vlans on some interfaces connecting to a few PCs. Is there a way I can make a PC access other interfaces that are on a range of vlans?  I have tried setting up a trunk to a pc to see if it can then get traffic from 2 or more vlans.  I am not sure if this relates to the concept of native vlans, but have a feeling I am scratching the surface of a bigger concept here.  Any help greatly appreciated.



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    It has been a while since I have played with this but I think the issue with a single PC would be which network it was on.

    If you change the network card IP settings to the different subnets does it communicate with them? This would be a way to see if the trunk was forwarding the traffic your hoping for.

    *edit - also my favorite part of packet tracer was being able to watch the packets. Try to watch the traffic from two vlans and see what packet tracer shows you with the packets. This was very usefull for learning traffic flow and also troubleshooting where something went wrong.

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    Have you set up a Router-on-a-stick topology? That will allow communication between PC's on different subnets.
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