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 Hello everyone,

 I've been around long ago [2016-2017] while undertaking my CompTIA A+, Sec+ and Net+ certificates as I wished to move on with a career in IT. I moved places and eventually I returned to UK at the end of 2017 looking for an IT job. To be honest it was really hard to get into it as everywhere most employers wanted people with experience. Eventually last year in June I got a Data Administrator job with this company and I thought this could be a good addition on my CV experience. Altho' honestly, this role is barely any IT. Other than scanning, printing and using a computer for same task everyday there's not much IT happening. The closest thing which came to IT was when I had to create a database, transfer it over from one computer to another and convert the database files with Adobe for a more readable format. That was it. 

Now this project I am on will come to an end in August-October this year and from the looks of it nothing else above the horizon with this company. I think it's best I start looking for jobs now rather than leave it until the last moment. What am a bit worried about is that it's been a while since I done my certificates in June 2017 and because I haven't been in touch with any real IT stuff I kind of lost touch with all the terms and methods I learned back then. Where should I start to refresh myself before I have any interview and make a fool of myself not knowing the stuff?

 Cheers, I would appreciate any advice.


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    If you got your current job be honest with the employers and let them know you took an entry level job after studying. Express your desire to step up to the next level. From the sounds of it your still looking at entry level phone/desktop support but just start applying.

    Whenever I take a certification I forget all of the specifics fairly soon after. By diving deep for the training that helps you recall it when you are doing your job in the future. If your really concerned you forgot to much maybe just watch some videos on youtube for a refresher.

    Then of course they site is all about certifications so don't be afraid to pick up a new book on something that interests you. Your not required to actually take certifications to gain the knowledge. As I work on switching to a full time IT career I plan to take one certification per year to keep my mind active and my skills current.
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