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I passed switch at the end of February. I used the OCG but only read half of it. Watched Chris Bryants udemy video course. Watched Jeremy Cioara on CBT Nuggets. Also most of the INE course and used Boson practice exams. I found that I needed more information and read lots of white papers. I found the configuration very easy it was just the knowledge behind all the technologies that I found the hardest to remember. I personally don't think the video courses and the book is enough to pass the exam alone. I think you have to do extra studying and look on Cisco pages to find more information about the technologies. Which isn't a bad thing. Its just LOTS of information out there and trying to absorb all of that is difficult. 

Just wanted to share my opinion with you all.  I'm working on Route next. I will update with my opinion on that one when I finish.


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    Congrats and thanks for the info! I plan to work on switch around this time next year.
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    Congrats Twolefteyes

    The boson practice exams were they worth the money (how much did u pay), i purchased measureup maybe too soon as it only lasts 90days and i have only just begun route study (im doing route-switch-ts)
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    Boson for Switch felt a little easy. I would score in the high 800s and I guess got cocky and took the exam and didnt score as well.  I will tell you for route when that time comes. But I did like it  It kind of gave me an area to look at where I needed to supplement knowledge. Also the configs sims on boson were in depth and that really helped with the sims for the exam which were much easier, in my personal opinion.  I only paid like 100 bucks for it I believe. I'm sure they have a promo code floating around. I did buy exam sim for the labs for route and tshoot. I like them as well BUT, it's very much do it this exact way or get it wrong. When realistically there may be 3 ways to do it. I do believe it will assist me in doing it correctly on the actual exam. I paid only 300 for that. I got 50 dollars off using the promo code on Facebook. I think it was 'Facebook' 
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    Thanks twolefteyes will follow their fb page to get a promo code for when im buying.
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