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Anyone using this service?  if so, pros/cons?  Other than Google being big bro...

I thought about dumping att due to the fact I have a recycled number and get strange calls from all over the world...the previous owner of this number has ppl calling asking for him and her quite often & quite sick of it.  ATT wants to charge me to change my cell number and I am wtf?  

p.s.  I did find an old TE post back in 2016, but I wanted to find out since then if how service is, improved, worse, etc?

Thank you for your comments.
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    Had it for two years and really wasn't a fan by the end.  My bill was definitely very low, but at least for my area the service sucked.  I don't get a lot of phone calls, but when I did they were important and it was awful.  Also, considering they are Google, you get last dibs on Google devices.  The final straw was two fold:  first, I stopped being able to send text messages.  After two days I reached out to support and they said "oh we've had an outage, but it should be cleared up soon."  Seriously?  You couldn't send an email to your customers explaining there was an outage?  In regards to devices, I went to upgrade to a Pixel 3 and it was a month waiting period.  Verizon could give it to me the next day.  Pretty sad that the creator of a device customer's get it later than customers for competitors.

    So if Sprint, US Cellular and T-Mobile have amazing coverage in your area then you might be alright.  But you get what you pay for.
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    I also used Google Fi for a while and my bill was super cheap as well but my service was also absolutely terrible.  The audio quality was beyond bad and my texts that actually arrived at their destination (most were lost to the ether) would take up to several hours to go through   I ended up going back to my previous cellular provider as it seemed weird to pay google every month for a phone that I could no longer use.
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