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Was looking forward to SANS Manila PH for Sept 2019, they had GMON offering initially, however,i think the changed it along the way.Now I'm looking at GMON self study as an alternative. Any advice on this?
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    I took 511 with Eric Conrad last December.  I really enjoyed the material and training.   I felt like my past experience with infrastructure really helped tie together the monitoring concepts.  The exam is pretty straight forward and at that time had no labs--not sure about now.  Have you done FOR508?  I see they are offering that class.  That would be a great one to do.
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    Yes, that is being considered. Thanks for the advice. The end goal is to enrich the SOC capability in the Manila team, so i guess, FOR508 and SEC504, which are the current SANS offering in Manila on Sept, will either or both be a good value :-)
    ..but its a bit tricky since the participants will be shouldering partially the price of training themselves, so the  plan is to take advantage of the Manila event to lessen the travel expenses, and it was initially agreed that the SEC511 will rather put a whole new perspective for SOC team, compare to the specifics of the FOR508. 
    But yes, i am more inclined to look at the FOR508 as next opportunity, since the SEC511 was erased from the itinerary.
    .. SEC511 will probably be something to look forward to, if it will be offered in HK or Singapore someday, if not the online course as the least alternative.

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    You could always do remote, on-demand, or have an instructor come to you.   Those might be cost effective options if you're trying to get a team trained.
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    Thank you. :-)
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