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This may be one for managers but anyone's free to throw a thought in.

8 months ago I became an information security officer working purely non technical anymore coming from a tech you background. As I had a fair bit of iso27001 knowledge but lacked direct experience I came in just under mid pay for that role. Fair enough. 

The new role has now dissolved as the company has set up a SOC which I've joined but this time it's far more technical as well as doing the iso27001 role duties. I have also now passed my iso27001 lead implementer exam and ejpt in that time. There's also a security engineers role, which I DO have direct experience with and if I would have applied for that role would have asked for at least mid point of the money offered which is 3k more that what I'm on now. Due the outside circumstances I couldn't apply for that role. 

So 2 questions please?

I've asked for a title change to reflect the dual duties ( and I am covering a lot more work than I did as the information security officer alone ) but it also plays to my strengths. So hiring wise ( and with plenty of certs and experience ) what would be better resume wise for the future ( I didn't expect to return to hands on but I do like it, but the money side I need to look after myself). The title of information security officer, which I think suggests a non tech and governance role or IT security specialist which suggests both? Looking at the job market and with the 27001 Lead auditor added to my certs and some pentesting via the eJPT I can already see plenty of position and the all important £££'s sign.

Also am I justified asking for a raise to the mid point on the engineers role considering a lot of that role is what I have and what I do as well as the iso role? I've already put this up for discussion with my new boss.

I've no need to move on as I'm earning and learning and its a nice team but another 6 months I could have bigger wages and I would again be earning and learning in a new role. Theres also a freeze on training budgets this year so I will probably do another cert on my on money going forward. Theres not many perks apart from the initial salary.

Thoughts please?
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