CIPP/E study resources

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I am a US Privacy Manager and work with GLBA Reg P notices and I failed the first try. I have years of privacy program working experience. I scored 100% on the IAPP practice test and all the Quizzes contained in the IAPP's GDPR Online training. In my opinion, the online "training", and practice test sold by the IAPP will give you the impression that you "know" the material and that the test focus is good conceptual knowledge. The questions often introduce closely related conditions to elicit almost right answers so you need to know the most correct answer. The scenarios are lengthy and written to pop smoke on real issues. Very few T/F, so don't underestimate.

In addition to the IAPP book am using these additional resources: 

I downloaded this book and also ordered the paperback, it took about 5 weeks to arrive.

Alston Bird - also has a lot of handy material like this "Pocket Guide" it's in Flash

The European Data Protection Supervisor seems to be a good resource -

Best regards to all.

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