Even more tests to pass now?!

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I've been away from the cert hunt for a while and though I might go after the CCNA-Voice - then discovered things have changed, and for the worse. It's bad enough that Cisco inserted the CCNA level "extra" test before you could even begin the CCNP level Voice. Now that Cisco has changed CCNA-Voice to CCNA-Collaboration, they've stuck an EXTRA test in there as well? :# Why is Cisco making it harder to get CCNA Voice? Why not make it three tests if that's their plan?


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    I don't know how difficult the tests are now.  I got my CCNP-Voice back in 2008.  Back then, we have to pass CCNA which we can take with one or two tests.  Then pass 5 CCNP level tests to be certified as CCNP-Voice - two CIPT tests, Troubleshooting, Gateway and Gatekeeper, QoS.  Now you just need to pass the CCNA-Collab, then three NP level tests.  It sounds easier to me comparing to the previous setup.
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    Multiple tests for a Cisco certification is nothing new. I did CCNA in 2010 (one exam), but there was a two-exam option. I completed CCNP Security in 2014 (four exams) and had to complete CCNA Security (one exam) before that. Those were good times, but I let them all expire in 2017 and never looked back.
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