CySA+ vs CCNA Security vs CCNA Cyber Ops

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I’m looking to study for one of these certs in order to renew my Security+ which expires in three weeks.  My original plan was to get CCNPS R&S and then CCDA certfied which would have given me 25 CEUs each.  Unfortunately, CompTIA changed their CEU chart and removed those certs for CEU and I only found that out after I passsed CCNP R&S and was going to start on CCDA recently.

Which one of these certs would be the easiest/fastest?  Which one has exam(s) that most closely match the exam objectives and the study material out there?

I’m not partial to any particular cert and they all seem to have things that I find interesting.  I’m also wondering if my current experience might make it easier to get one of the certs.

CCNA Security:  I recently became CCNP R&S certified.  I’m not sure how much this would help me out especially since people are saying the exam objectives don’t match up with the test.

CCNA Cyber Ops:  I did pass Linux+ and have a general familiarity with Linux.  Also, I have some exposure to PCI-DSS and I know the basics of SOX and HIPAA.

CySA+:  I’m only throwing this one in here in case it’s straight forward test and the exam lines up with the objectives and the study materials will adequately prepare me for the exam.

I look forward to hearing you opinions.


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    Do you have any experience reading and analyzing logs? I found CCNA:CyberOps not that difficult with experience, the Sec+, and the materials provided by Cisco. It wasn't super easy, of course. But, it wasn't as difficult as the CCNA:Security. CySA+ seems to be similar to the CyberOps (I haven't taken the CySA+ yet). 

    Out of those 3, I'd go for the CCNA:CyberOps. With the Sec+, Linux+, exposure to some security stuff, etc., you should be good after a couple weeks of studying. 
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    You only have 3 weeks to start, study, and pass the exam(s)?!? That's going to be quite the challenge. With just 3 weeks left, I would choose option 4 and just retake the pass the Security+ exam. It's the cheapest option right? You passed it once so you already know most of the material. It would just be a quick refresher.

    If I had to choose 1 of your 3, I'd probably do the CySA+. CCNA CyberOps requires 2 exams. I've heard CCNA: Security is tough. CySA+ is CompTIA so you can skip questions and come back to them. When I took the CCNA CyberOps exam I was caught off guard because once you answer a question that's it. There's no going back and no skipping questions.
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    @PC509 - It really depends on what tyoe of logs you are talking about.

    @Pseudonymous - Unfortunately, my Security+ expires in three weeks, so yes. I’m almost leaning towards the CompTIA CertMaster for Security+ as it seems the fastest/cheapest way.  The only thing I don’t like about that route is I would just be maintaing an existing cert and not getting a new cert.  If I’m going to study something, I figure I might as well get a cert out of it.
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    Can you get an extension on collecting the CEUs? CompTIA just wants your money and could care less about CEUs. So if you are paid up on your CE fee they might give you a "procrastinator's grace period."
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    @JDMurray - It looks like there is a 90-day grace period, but is only for uploading CEUs that were completed within the three year renewal cycle:

    "A grace period of 90 days is allowed for certification holders to pay any outstanding CE fee balance and/or upload additional continuing education units (CEUs). All CE activities must be completed within the three-year renewal cycle to be valid for CEUs."
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    CySA+ is the only intermediate high-stakes cybersecurity analyst certification with performance-based questions covering security analytics, intrusion detection and response.

    Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security) validates associate-level knowledge and skills required to secure Cisco networks.

    The CCNA Cyber Ops certification prepares candidates to begin a career working with associate-level cybersecurity analysts within security operations centers.
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