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I took the CCSP exams on Friday and I passed. "provisional result".  The exam was moderately difficult and I am of the view that to attain a higher probability of passing this test, one will have to adequately understand the materials but not cram the CBK definitions.  I agree one may need to cram some contents for the exams example, the data lifecycle, Data functions, Responsibility chat etc. 

I  have good technical background and knowledge in IT Security.

During the exams, there were some few straight forward questions and drag and drops but the majority of the questions were real-life kind of questions plus some scenario questions. Some of the questions were tough, two choices seemed to be very close and correct. there were 2 scenario based questions (each consisting of 3 questions).

Be sure to understand your laws (both the US and other parts of the world), ITIL, etc

During the test, I bookmarked the first 2 questions and some couple of other questions, I believe there were 9 questions in total. 
By the time I got to question number 125, I was fairly sure I will pass the test. I reviewed the bookmarked ones.  
After answering the last question,  I noticed some of the questions had already answered some of the previously bookmarked questions. 

A good helping hand, isn't it?

I took my time to reread the questions and answers, I did not rush to finish under 2 or even 3hrours. The goal was to pass the test and with ample time at my disposal and I saw no need to rush, furthermore, I was not in a competition with anyone on who can finish the quickest. 

I completed the exams in 2hr: 57 min, I did not go over all my questions again.

 The duration of the test will be changed from 4hr to 3hr in August 2019, the CBK will also be updated with new content and also some domain changes. 

if You are reading this post then there is a greater chance that you are preparing for the CCSP exams and you aim to pass the test.
your ultimate goal should your ability to translate the knowledge you acquired during your studies to help your organization to meet its cloud strategy and hence sufficiently understanding the content will go a long way to help your career. 

I studied  with 
All in One by Daniel Carter, Exam guide tests 
CCSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Test by  from Ben Malisow
CCSP cloud security pro from google play store.

my overall my experience was fabulous.



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