do I need 501?

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I am practicing for the CompTia security+ 501 exam and I wanna buy darril gibsons book however the 401 is a lot cheaper is it possible to prepare using the 401 version and than fill in the gaps?


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    No. Buy the 501. Unlike previous version updates, 401 and 501 are very different. Probably because they created CySA+. Look at the objectives between the 2 versions. I'm not saying it's impossible to still pass if you only use 401 material, but I'd recommend against it.

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    thanks a million I"m new to this whole sector and I"m excited to have such an amazing community to help me out you guys are amazing
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    I used Mike Chapple's study guide from, Get Certified, Get Ahead Sec+ SY0-501 by Darril Gibson, practice tests from Exam Cram SY0-501 by Diane Barrett & Marty Weiss then incorporated the videos by Mike Chapple and I passed my first attempt with a score of 802. All these resources combined were essential for my success and I swear by Mike's study guide! I hope this helps good luck on your studying/attempt.
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    well, does failing a 250$ exam worth the risk to save on a 40$ book ? And I don't take any time consideration. 
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    As Pseudo mentioned above, always use the study materials related to the exam you are studying for. Avoid overlapping and cross-referencing exams. When I took my 401 exam I used and the Security+ 401 Exam Objectives. Both resources are free and will save you some money on your training. Here's the updated 501 versions:
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    The first and major step towards passing the exam is following current (501) CompTIA Exam Objectives..
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