Just passed the SEC+ SY0501

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Hey guys,

I just passes the SEC+ SY0501.

Pretty much felt I had failed. 
I had about 20 questions flagged for review including 5 simulations that were all at the beginning.


Professor Messer SEC+ videso. First time at regular speed and 2nd time at 1.5x speed.

Daril Gibson book and app for testing.
The app is more or less the questions from the book but it helped to keep the concepts 
fresh when I was out and about and had a few mins to study. The flashcards are good too. The only thing missing would be a list of ports but I saw no port questions on my exam.

I studied for 1 month. Read the Gibson book once and made notes. 2nd pass was just the "Remember This" sections and the Chapter summary. (These are key)
The Encryption and PKI chapter I read twice. Its VERY important.

I was debating the Measure Up practice tests but ended up not getting it as I was only studying for a month and have been in IT for a couple years.

Thanks for all the help guys.
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