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So , I applied for the ISACA membership and plan to do the CISM and CISA (maybe Cobit also).
Now looking for the resources and I have currently the CISSP and work in security field from 2010 and IT from 2000.
Have already bought the CISM all in one book.
Now I see on the ISACA site that they have the Q&A book and the database:

CISM Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Database - 12 Month Subscription (online)

CISM Review Questions, Answers & Explanations, 9th Edition (book)

The online database can be handy, but I do prefer books.
Does the book can contain all the questions from the database or at least most?
What would you recommend? 
I am thinking to get the book and also the price difference is also big.

Once I am a registered member, I will book the exam.
Will the exam be computer based and can I take it anytime ?



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    Can anyone confirm if the book contains the same questions as the online DB ?
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    Am I ready for the exam? 
    I am scheduled to sit the CISA exam in 3 days. I just took a full practice exam from the ISACA QAE database and scored 90%. My two earlier full practice exams were 84% and 83%. I can delay the date for the exam if I need to. 
    Anyone have a recommendation for me? Am I ready to take the exam with a high degree of confidence that I'll pass?
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    I got the CISM Review Questions, Answers & Explanations, 9th Edition (book) and doing also vce exams (had to purchase the vceexamsimulator ), will do a lot of practises and that should be enough and also reviews the CISM all in one book for more information 
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