COBIT 5 exam experience?

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I searched for the forums for existing threads but they seem outdated.

So COBIT 5 for those not familiar with it, is an IT governance framework. I didn't find any cert that focuses on IT Governance except COBIT 5.

ISACA offers a free study guide for COBIT 5, but I couldn't find any practice exams. I'm thinking of reading up those frameworks PDFs and have a go at the exam

Q) Why do I need it?
A) I don't need it, but I've been doing lots of IT governance work, and NIST work...and found the concepts to be straightforward to me after a long technical career. I see values in those frameworks and I'd like to formally learn a bit more. I got to implement those frameworks and see what they look like in the real world so my experience isn't just governance on paper, so I figured why not

Are there worthwhile practice exams out there?

Do YOU have any experience with COBIT 5 ?


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    Hi. I have the COBIT 5 Foundation and Implementation certs. There’s not a lot of practice exam material out there. I took training back in 2016 because my employer paid for it. I studied for the exams using the COBIT 5, process maturity assessment model (PAM), COBIT 5 Enabling Processes, and COBIT 5 Implementation guides. I think I still have material from my classes. 

    If you are an ISACA member, most of the guides are free to download. 

    I am curious. ISACA has a CGEIT certification that is essentially the IT Governance cert. ISC2 has the CAP ( Certified Authorization Professional), which is expertise in the NIST Risk Management Framework. It’s NIST guidance on a risk based governance of information and information systems. Have you considered the latter certs?
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