Resume review request - Looking to move to a 100% IT position

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I could not link a rich text file so I have attached a WeTransfer link.

In my current position I am the system administrator for  a small business with three locations. However this is only one of my two responsibilities and takes up only about 20% of my time. I am looking to change careers and work in a full time system/network administration position. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Here is a pdf of the version I have been working on in word.
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    I would strongly suggest throwing your applicant name to the side unless you are a famous IT professional which I do not understand the rationale behind the large font size applicant name.

    Instead, put up a 13-16 Title Header with an underline that states SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR, Company One - or "System Administrator looking for System/Networking Administration Career Advancement"

    Ditch the objective and instead opt for a summary. "Working Professional supporting small business computer systems as a system administrator. Currently working for company one as the system administrator/prepress manager and the point person for all IT related issues across three facilities. As the main point of contact for all IT related matters, my job scope involves setting up the site to site VPN remote support, job management software and maintaining the IT infrastructure. I am also the point of contact for all computer/equipment purchases, repair, contract negotiations and providing support for end-user software capabilities (e.g email, office).  To cope with future challenges, I had also enrolled and currently studying for Associates degree in Computer Science and Industry Certifications - I look forward to a challenging opportunity to bring my career to the next level and serving a larger environment.

    Write a proper summary between each job title and a point form - most hiring managers won't be reading the point form until your resume get selected for an interview. 

    - Started with my primary job scope in prepress management and assisting production when required. My work eventually evolves considerably into the primary perform that handles and maintain the IT infrastructure and equipment  "....."

    - Had a fulfilling internship with Company B handling installation of network equipment such as"..." I had also gone beyond my duty to also perform "..." 

    Just follow the format recommended in this video if you are not sure.
    Also get in a listing of skillset competencies for buzzword such as setting up VPN installation. etc as shown in the video.

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    I think @LionelTeo has a lot of great advice. One thing I think you should consider is a 'Skills'/'Competencies' section right below your professional summary. Something like 6-8 bullets of the most valuable skills you have, such as 'Vendor Contract Management', 'VPN technologies - [VENDOR]', or 'Networking Configuration/Troubleshooting - [VENDOR]'. Just a little something that gives the recruiter a 30-second view into your most valuable skills.
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    Keep the feedback coming. I plan to start sending out resumes this week. Of course it is a work in progress. Thank you for all of the opinions!
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    When I open the doc there is a box, and a bullet point on each task. See if you can remove the box.  

    This job here
    Prepress technician, Company, City, State
    2005 – 2016

    You have a summary down below and on the top part of the job.  Can you remove the bottom summary, and maybe merge it with the top one?

    Top summary:
    Prepress is the first step in the commercial printing process. The department is responsible for producing everything that is required to move into the manufacturing stage. Starting with the customers digital files and carrying the job through proofing, completion and quality control.

    Bottom summary:
    This position involved a high degree of troubleshooting to pinpoint and resolve output errors that come up during the production cycle. Software compatibility issues are common problems with graphic arts files that need to be resolved by editing files or developing additional workflows. 

    If it helps, I modeled my resume after this one:

    ptilsen's Resume - I consider this to be the "golden standard" for an IT resume

    One last thing.  Please check the tenses listed in your previous jobs.

    Please see this job:

    Prepress technician, Company, City, State
    2005 – 2016

    Receive and prepare customer supplied digital files for output on multiple devices

    Should be
    Received and prepared

    Identify and resolve output conflicts with software versions and file types

    Should be..
    Identified and resolved
    Information Technology Intern, Town Hall, City, State

    Should be created 
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