Some clarification please

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I am reading from a couple of books at the moment and they differ in a few areas and I would like some help to clarify the matter, this is what I take from one of the books

1 ==netbeui works in the transport lawyer
2==netbious works in the session lawyer
3== L2tp is able to support ip,ipx,appletalk
4==pptp is able to support ip,netbeui,ipx

Some of the other books say different and so do some of the test questions I have came accross.
Also I have read conflicting informatinn concerning 1000baseLX and 1000baseSX they seem to get them mixed up.
Any help would be much appreciated.

I would also like to thank the webmaster for his help and support, and I will drop you an email in the next few days its just that I have been a bit busy as of late.


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