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I have 7 years of infrastructure support (Helpdesk>sysadmin>systems security). I have Sec+, CEH, and CCNA cyberOps. I had been trying to get into security for a few years when I landed the job I am currently in. 

Job I am currently in is a MSSP SOC. I’m a screen monkey, and it is rather boring. I am learning the process of a SOC, however, I don’t think I will be here for long. I figure I’d be in a new position before the end of the year. Pay is 80k. This job was always a springboard  

My old job, which is a niche role, was PACS administrator, and they want me back. I was a contractor, and they want me back as a GS federal employee. My actual role would be basically the security officer. RMF duties, vuln remediation, etc, I would also have to do PACS duties which include desktop support and system admin duties. I would not get to touch any scanning apps, as the actual cybersec division does that. The real draw to this job is that it is GS 12. So it comes with incredible federal employee benefits. I could probably squeeze 92k out of them. I could have them pay 100% for bachelors and certs as well. 

location is in DC area. 


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    I think as you progress into more senior roles, you'll find yourself farther away from actual scanning apps and closer to those RMF and vulnerability management duties you mentioned. 92k plus better benefits plus tuition reimbursement plus a certification stipend would be extremely difficult for me to turn down. I'd say there's no reason this new job couldn't be another springboard for you - just rake in the benefits and reimbursement for a few years, and move onto something better when you find it.
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