Resume review - thanks in advance

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Is it still the same procedure to show a resume draft for review?
Redact and then post?


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    There is no procedure that I know of for TE.   Best pratice is to post your current resume with all your personal info removed, and the community will make suggestions on how to improve it..   Please remove all any phone numbers, names, email addresses, school, and company names.  I hope this helps.   
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  • ElGato127ElGato127 Member Posts: 130 ■■■□□□□□□□
    That was what I mostly saw people doing earlier.
    Thanks your your help.
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    I think your resume has does a lot of things right, such as effectively summarizing each position you've held in a few bullets. It's easy to read, which is nice. As for corrections, I have a few:

    1. Make sure all verbs in your bullets are past tense
    2. Move IT certifications to right above education - maybe include "Extensive industry certifications" under 'Proficiencies'
    3. Use bold text a little more sparingly in your Teacher bullets and Education section
    Other than that, you'll just want to make sure you have at least one bullet in your Experience section to correspond to each bullet in your Proficiencies section, in case a hiring manager is interested in what you've done with, say, SalesForce or MDM. Those are really my only suggestions, nothing too bad! Nice resume!
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    Those are solid suggestions. Working them in. Thanks
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    Write a summary after each job before the bullet points highlighting your achievements. 

    Your title should include your work place

    Technical Support Engineer, Tech Exams

    Other headers could use a smaller font size. 

    As an example. 

    Technical Support Engineer
    My primary works includes supporting xxx and yyy. During my time with the firm, I had also contributed greatly to the development of zzz. My greatest challenge is to work out the ttt process which is very manual. I had initiated a project ....

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