Python Private Blockchain proof of work

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Currently, I've found a python PoW for blockchain. The problem is that I'm trying to associate all this information with my business. Currently, I own a mobile wallet. And users need to make deposits to my bank account. but I don't want to have a Centralized Database instead use BlockChain concept and reward users with local currency when they mine transactions. there are many doubts rising as I write this.

  • How Can I still hold the deposits, 
  • withdrawals to their wallets and be able to share a % with miners a fee when they execute a block verification?


1 Alice deposits to Business bank account 100 USD
2 Company checks deposit and approves 100 USD on their wallet
3 Alice pays Bob 10 USD (Company takes 0.10 USD and Miner 0.5 USD)
4 Bob Withdrawls 40 USD
5 Company deposits money to Bob<span>'s Bank Account.</span>
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