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Studying for CCNA and messing around with packet tracer.  I am interested in setting up a few hosts to a network so that they can be part of multiple vlans.  Seems like a common situation, but strangely I haven't come across how to configure this.  Specifically something like a managers pc who could access two or more other departments (vlans).  I was thinking about making that pc connect to the switch with a trunk link.  I have a few ideas, i'm trying but was wondering what others know about this.  Thanks in advance,



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    After doing some preliminary research, it doesn't look like you can trunk to an endpoint in PT. What I would consider instead would be to just use inter-VLAN routing. If subnet1 and subnet2 should be unable to communicate, you could create subnet3 for the PCs that should be able to communicate to both, and throw on an ACL that prevents subnet1 and subnet2 from communicating.

    There may be an even easier way to do this, but that's the first thing that comes to mind.
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    Does packet tracer allow you to add a second nic to the PC? It might be an easy solution if they do.
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    Intervlan routing and trying a second nic .I'll mess around with thoes ideas
      Thanks for the help.
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    Keep it interesting let us know what you come up with. I found being able to watch the packets move was very helpful when first learning. You can see specifically where your packet fails which makes troubleshooting a lot easier.
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