First sys admin job

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Thanks to all the help on resume advice I was able to secure a sys admin roll. Right now the learning curve is massive but I feel like I am adapting well.

Thanks guys!
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    Congrats to you!! :-)
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    Great job! That learning curve is important to your growth! Keep it up.
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    AvgITGeek said:
    Well done and congrats! Take this time to be a sponge and learn and learn from your mistakes. Growth time! :)
    Agreed. I am 2 years into my first admin role. The first year was just learning a lot and soaking it all in. I took notes, had a journal, spreadsheets, it all helps even to this day. Congrats and good luck.
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    Congratulations on landing the job! What kinds of things are you learning at work so far?
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    Congrats! What kind of environment are you working in? Linux? Windows? Physical/Virtual?
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