What Cloud Topics Can I Expect on the Exam?

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Hey all, I received my CCNA in 2014, but have since let it expire. I landed a Network Analyst role and just sort of let the certs go by the wayside. I recently started thinking that I would like to pursue my CCNP because would like to have some more in-depth fundamentals at my disposal. I picked up the book for the CCENT portion of the exam and realized that I am completely devoid of motivation to read through those again. To keep things brief, I decided to take a more organic approach to studying this time, by just taking the exam topics that Cisco provides and researching them. The problem is, some (many, in fact) are kind of vague. My specific question pertains to topic 1.4 and all of it's sub-topics, "Describe the effects of cloud resources on enterprise network architecture". Can anyone provide me with a general idea of what I should be looking for as far as subject material, or perhaps some free resources may help? I doubt it goes incredibly deep in to the topic, but does it go beyond just being able to name and describe Iaas, Saas, Paas, etc?

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