How Hard is the CCNA One Exam Approach?

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200-125 CCNA vs 200-105 ICND1  and  (ICND1) 200-10 ICND2

Has Anyone Taken the One Exam CCNA approach? 

 If so how hard is the exam?  Would you recommedn it for someone that is new to networking?

My networking cert background:
 I passed the network+ around 2009-2010, so my understanding of the OSI model and subnetting is a little rusty.  

I have some CISCO training that by might be coming.  An organization that I'm working with might pay for the training. The training includes labs, videos, practice exams, and vouchers. The vendor providing the training suggested doing the one exam path instead of the two.  The only reason the vendor suggested doing the one exam path, because the CCANX  is a live class(boot camp style) that is being filmed.  I will have access to the class for 6 months.   On the other hand, The CCNA two course option is a self paced and there are several modules that you can go through.  Both options allow me to access the material for 6 months.  The only question is what is  the right training for me?

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    200-125 is meant for people who have experience with Cisco networking so it has a higher failure rate. It seems like the INCD1/2 route would be best for you. 
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    Personally I don't see any real advantage to the single exam except the time for testing. Some people have difficulty scheduling exams or even getting to far away test centers. For me I can usually test before I go to work so I took the two exams.

    As to how hard it is depends a lot on focus. Having passed Net+ will help a lot since every new topic is a little harder to learn then concepts you are already familiar with. As to the style of class that's really personal. Some people do good training at 2am when the kids are asleep and some people prefer an instructor to keep them focused. I have don't both and prefer to study at my own pace. That sometimes leads to a month or two break that was not ideal but hey it's life we have to live too.
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    Breaking it up was the way to go for me. I don't regret it.

    You have to learn it all regardless, just depends on if you want to test for it all at once or have it broken up
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    I took the composite exam in 2010 and found it difficult, but I prefer the one & done approach. 

    Full disclaimer: I did not pass on the first attempt. 
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    Good morning everyone. I took ICND 1three months ago twice, didn't pass but was very closed. First time got 781 and second time 799 (out of 832 to pass). My question is, does anybody know about a good practice or **** that allow me to pass ICND 1 or the whole CCNA 200-125? Thanks everyone.
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    Good morning everyone. I took ICND 1three months ago twice, didn't pass but was very closed. First time got 781 and second time 799 (out of 832 to pass). My question is, does anybody know about a good practice or **** that allow me to pass ICND 1 or the whole CCNA 200-125? Thanks everyone.

    The best practice in my opinion is Boson ExSim Max. The feedback on the questions is amazing and really goes into depth, like 2-3 paragraphs as opposed to other testing software that I've used where I would only get 2-3 sentences max. Not only that, Boson has high quality simulations and questions that I've honestly found on par or even harder than the actual exam questions itself. The only downside is that it's a bit pricey at $119 for the 200-125 exam itself. However, you can buy the ICND1 and D2 exams separately at $99 each as well. I would say its worth it.  
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    Edit: Admin killed the troll post. 

    Do not use a ****! Identify your weak areas and then rectify the issue. After you create a Boson account, all of the ex-sims are $99. The best method is to read foundation I formation (OCG or any source with excellent REAL feedback), followed by configuration labbing and then finally test your knowledge with Boson or similar test engine. Do expect the test engines to look exactly like the exam questions. 

    Example. If you know how to configure a nat pool then troubleshooting will be easy. All you have to do is ensure that the inside/outside interfaces are configured correctly, the acl is correct, and the command that associates the acl with nat is correct. This info is from freely available study material. 

    Most people who use **** usually forget the information after taking an exam. With properly study the information will stick in your bhu (brain housing unit) and be available when needed. 

    Think it "Field of Dreams" level of studying. Build a solid foundation and the knowledge will come.
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