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ElGato127ElGato127 Member Posts: 130 ■■■□□□□□□□
I've been taking a lot of mostly online courses lately and was thinking it may make sense to list at least some of the more helpful ones on my LinkedIn profile.
Is this likely to help or just clutter up my profile?



  • scaredoftestsscaredoftests Security +, ITIL Foundation, MPT, EPO, ACAS, HTL behind youMod Posts: 2,742 Mod
    My 2 cents, it would just clutter up your profile. 
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  • Infosec_SamInfosec_Sam Security+, CCENT, ITIL Foundation, A+ Madison, WIAdmin Posts: 448 Admin
    Yeah, I think it might make your profile a bit busy. Maybe if you could keep it to the 3-4 classes most relevant to your career path, you might be able to fit them in elegantly.
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  • yoba222yoba222 Senior Member Member Posts: 1,087 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Adding classes to your resume/LinkedIn draws attention towards the idea of that you might be a noob college student with no experience, and this is the opposite of what you want to achieve.
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