How do I get CISM cert without experience?

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I started my career as a Developer, I have been working for over a decade as Systems Analyst. I also have PM experience and recently certified as Prince2 Practitioner. I want to get into management and security and looking for reputable certifications to advance my career. But I don't have the required experience for immediate CISM cert. So, how do you guys get the experience without the certification? Thank you!


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    This is always a chicken and egg kind of thing, isn't it?  You can't get the cert without experience, and you can't get experience without the cert.


    Given your experience as a developer, analyst, and especially with PM experience, I highly encourage you to read the requirements closely, and then re-read your resume/experience, even closer, or have someone do it for you, for a 'fresh set of eyes' review.  Oftentimes simply rethinking, or rephrasing, your past experience will show that it aligns a lot closer than you think it does, and keep in mind that while the cert requires experience, that experience can be gained many different ways, broadly speaking.

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