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Does anyone use the year only model, omitting months?  Has it been successful for you?


  • Infosec_SamInfosec_Sam Security+, CCENT, ITIL Foundation, A+ Madison, WIAdmin Posts: 450 Admin
    I include months on my resume, but I don't think this strategy is a bad idea! For people who jump around more frequently with gigs and contracts and whatnot, this seems like it would be much easier than listing tons of <6mo jobs. As long as your resume accurately represents your professional competencies, I don't see anything wrong with "trimming the fat."
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    I didn't include months on my resume but it was more because I have been with only a few companies and the specific month did not seem very relevant  for a company I was with for 14 years. I guess I'll find out this summer if that is a mistake.
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    I do months and year, but my job history has been pretty stable the past 2-3 years, aside from internal promotions at the same company.  

    I recently chopped my resume down from two to three pages down to one page and it includes only the last three years of my job history.  I figure that the rest of my work history wouldn’t contribute a whole lot to the next position that I want to get, so I might as well leave it off.  If I don’t like the results I see, then I might add it back in.

    If you have a bunch of short hops maybe just list the current position and just focus on listing your skills and achievement, but make them a different section so it doesn’t appear that they were a part of your current position(assuming they weren’t of course)?  Obviously, if they ask you to fill out a job application and list EVERY job you’e ever had, then you have to list them.  However, if they just want a resume why not just list your past accomplishments that are relevant to the position you want to apply for?

    If you’ve had muñtiple jobs within the same year even if you list just the year the implication will be that you were in those jobs for a pretty short time or that you had multiple jobs simultaneously.
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