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I completed the ICM VMware 6.5 course through SCC. I passed the 2V0-602 VMware Foundations 6.5 exam with the provided voucher. I proceeded to take my VCP-DCV 2V0-622 exam and passed that as well. However, I asked VMware if I have satisfied the requirements to be officially VCP-DCV certified and they said that I should have taken the 2V0-622 PSE exam and not the 2V0-622.  

However, it's my understanding that after  I have completed the ICM 6.5 course and Foundations exam with the voucher, that I have satisfied the requirements to take the 2V0-622 exam. Please advise?



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    Short Answer, YES.

    Long Answer:
    I am just going to assume you received an email smilier to the one I received below-


    "You have met all the requirements to pass the VMware vSphere ICM Course at Stanly Community College. You will receive an email to your Stanly Community College email with specific instructions to obtain your vouchers for the Foundations Exam and the VCP-DCV exam. There will be two vouchers available for you to use,  one is for the Unproctored Exam (For Foundations and VCA’s), and the other is for the Proctored Exam ( For the VCP-DCV PSE version). Using the vouchers will give you a 70% discount towards the exam fee. I have attached instructions for your guidance. You are required to use the voucher to receive credit for attending the training course. You must use the PSE version of the exam, and if you do not, it will result in an error indicating that the voucher cannot be used for the exam you have selected. 


    The voucher emails will be sent to your SCC email address within a few days. You can access this account from this pagehttp://www.stanly.edu/email."

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    Thanks for the response. I received a similar e-mail, but the vouchers I received can only be used for the Foundations and VCA's exams. I did not get an additional voucher for the VCP-DCV PSE Version. I believe now, you can only get that once you completed the VMware Optimize and Scale course. 

    Did you take the PSE version of the Foundations exam too?
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    You can either take the PSE (the Academy version) or non-PSE version (the normal commercial version) of the vSphere Foundations exam - but you must take the VCP PSE exam (the Academy version) to get credit for completing the academy course, and therefore be awarded the certification.
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