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My employer recently signed me up for the GCIA SEC503 ondemand class. I have 10 years IT experience and just 4 months ago I jumped over to doing firewall and cyber security work, so I am rather new to the field.

Obviously I am rather nervous and noobish with this process. I am currently waiting for the books to arrive before I start ondemand. In the meantime, I have been reading online for advice since this is my first SANS class and being surprised that it is open book. I found a blog post on portunreachable with some tips.

He advised to print **** sheets and packet headers. I found a few on PacketLife, but could not find any decent sheets for SiLK, Bro, Snort or Suricata. Does anyone have a decent sheet for these? Should I just make my own?



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    You will receive the **** sheets along with your books.
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    Make your own--you'll learn stuff in the process.

    Search here as well: https://wiki.sans.blue/#!index.md
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    Definitely don't use someone else's, make your own. Not only will you learn things better, but you won't be opening weird, strange files from weird, suspect places.

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    SANS 503 is a tough course, especially for your first SANS course, I don't envy you.
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    SANS 503 is a tough course, especially for your first SANS course, I don't envy you.

    They have 10 years of experience so probably be ok.  I did 503 as my first and I actually think it should be one of your first classes.  If you can truly get networking down it lays a strong foundation for many other classes.
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