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Finally passed this beast (to me). Third times a charm. Failed the first time because I couldn't get the repo working. Maybe I forgot the ".repo"? Got a 168. Second time the repo was added correctly but couldn't download anything. Maybe my networking was jacked up? No clue. Gave up for a few months but started studying again earlier this year. Started taking it serious a month before the exam and stuff finally started to click. Some of the tasks I could do in my sleep. Took the exam first thing in the morning on 5/2 and got the pass email about 2 hours later!! I mainly used Linux Academy but I also did Sander's course prior. 

What's next? I want to learn Ansible and I'm hearing the new RHCE exam has a lot of it. So I may wait until new study material comes out and in the mean time see what the whole Docker, Containers, OpenStack/OpenShift thing is about. 


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