Passed GCTI 90%

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Hey folks, 

Thought I'd post about this as there doesn't seem to be too much activity around this exam. I did this as part of the work study program. Overall the class was pretty good. I dont do threat intel in my day to day. However, the thought process/analysis of attacks and pivoting to other areas was really insightful. I really enjoyed the deep dive on the breakdown of the kill chain/diamond model. I also came away a much better appreciation for what it takes to do true attribution. I don't think this should be your first class if you are pure blue team but there is lots to take away and think about at much more conceptual level that will aide in your day to day. 

Practice test 1- 77%
Practice test 2- 86%
Test- 90% 

I thought the test was very fair and similar to the practice test. Though there is some analysis questions and what the data showed and what the answer were were on some of the questions are not the same conclusions I would draw. But overall it was fine. 


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    Welcome to the club/neighborhood.  Great score.  As someone who does TI for a living, yeah it is a solid course
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