Passed 292 Upgrade exam - 813

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I've failed this exam a couple of times and finally this morning I passed. This exam is brutal in my opinion. It likes to trick you. You really have to know your stuff to pass this exam.

A 10 PC Lab environment with a fully working single AD domain at work plus the following materials below:

Syngress Book
MS Press Book
Sybex Book
CBT Nuggets for 290,291, and 292

That's as much as I can remember. I'm just a little relieved at the moment.


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    You bested it and never gave up. Kudos for that!
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    bringing this thread up. would like to know why OP suggesting a 10 PC lab environment to pass this exam!? why so? two or three clients not enough for a test lab environment?
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    Congrat :)

    What seem to be the difficulty on the exam? What type of question that is getting you on the exam?
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    Congrats! only one more week before i take it also icon_sad.gif
    Studying 70-292.
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    tibul wrote:
    Congrats! only one more week before i take it also icon_sad.gif

    Since the original post is from over a year ago I don't know how much NPA24 will be able to recall of this exam.... Although I am going to be interested in what your take is on it Tibul.... After I get the MCSE I will be doing the upgrades myself.
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