Applicant Fluff Requests from Companies?

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I am going through a series of job applications and some companies always seem to ask extraneous questions such as the example provided below. I recognize it's an opportunity to set yourself apart and demonstrate your own personality. However, should you really spend valuable page space writing anecdotes about cookies? Or, do you really focus on content of the job itself?

"We get a lot of job applications and unfortunately, most of them get nothing more than a quick once-over. Please include the usual - a resume and a cover letter, and anything else that will show us that you are interested in and qualified for this specific position. Tell us stories. Show us as much as you can about who you are. Make us panic about the fact that we haven't already hired you. Learn to use Facebook privacy settings or better yet just un-tag yourself in that one picture (you know which one) and then become a fan of our page. Tell us your salary requirements and what kind of cookies we should bake for you on your birthday."

Thanks for your suggestions.
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    I worked with a branding/advertising agency and this was very close to their recruitment pitch. They were looking for those people who could be very creative on the spur of the moment and make an impression. Get creative with the reply and how it sells you to them. If you can't be creative with selling yourself, can you sell a large company brand?
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    I would write some silly comment and move on if it's just an application.
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    I have a feeling this is the type of company that will make you do stupid puzzles as part of the interview, take home work that will take you 20+ hours to completed, etc. My response: "no thanks".
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