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Hey guys. I'm a bit of a new comer here, but I've been lurking for quite a while and I would like to join the discussion on the current state of the industry. I just passed my ITIL Foundation exam in the last few hrs after two attempts. And currently I now have 7 certifications and am currently back in school and will graduate with an Associates Degree next year.

My current goals as of now is to study for my CASP+ exam, I have to say, passing the CySA+ was one of the most nail biting experiences, because if I didn't pass it, all my previous certs would've expired. But I did pass. I am never going to let that go again, so I'll have to be back in the testing area for my CASP+ this year.

I have high expectations for myself and my potential future. I'm not sure what the industry will have in store for me, but I've decided to major in project management and IT Security. Possibly learn to code as well.

I need to have a diverse skill set in this day and age, since nobody really wants to train anyone anymore on the job. Seems like we've gotten too lazy when it comes to doing difficult tasks. I feel that computers, mobile devices, and all this technology, while it has helped us in countless ways, its also encouraged us all to be sloths. I mean most of what we use computers for, mostly is word processing and spread sheets anyway. Other than those two primary uses, every other thing is just icing on the cake.

The Personal Computer hasn't changed much in its principles since the 1970s, other then the internet and other forms of communication, I'm a big philospher on this stuff and I'm reading a lot of books on technology and how these modes of communication are changing both our character and how its changing our lives in ways we haven't stopped to consider.
Certifications: A+, Network+, Security+, Project+, CySA+, MCP, ITIL

Future Goals: DevOps, CASP+, Server+, Linux+, Red Hat, PenTest+
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