Hiring: We need a "jr" security analyst, 100% remote

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I don't have a financial incentive to fill this role, I just want to let the good people of TE know that this opportunity exists. Unless I have worked with you before, I won't "refer" you but I will point you to our recruiters. 

We are looking for someone that wants to work in Fintech, help manage a PCI environment that is heavily audited.  Tools we use are Tripwire, Guardium, Splunk, Tenable, and a few home brew things...

The person will become the in-house Tripwire SME in due time, they will get training from tripwire as well as lots of hands on with it.  Secondary to this task will be reviewing logs, changes and incident to ensure they adhere to corp. security policies and best practices.  Last this person will be the liaison between corp security and pen testers/code analyses teams.  

BS is good to have, 2+ years exp in IT, most important this person must be passionate about security and able to learn on their own!  If you like attending 'cons, dream of delivering a 'talk or just like to kick back and listen to security podcasts we want you!  You don't need prior security exp if your the 'right fit'.  

PM with questions and contact info.  It will be about a week before I can pass along your info to the recruiter team.  


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    Good luck! Three years ago I'd be drooling over this post and I anticipate you'll get a lot of interested people right now.
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    I second that, this sounds awesome and if I weren't currently happily employed, this would have been a dream setup.

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    Already received a good response in my PM's.  Just happy to be able to help someone find a good gig in security.  

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